Our Family will continue to have JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS available only through mail order and a few Distributors.

At this time, one (1) pair of JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS will cost you only $45.00 (forty-five dollars).  That price includes shipping PRIORITY MAIL, anywhere in the United States, insurance and Delivery Confirmation.  You will be notified via e-mail that your payment has been received.  Once we are notified by our Bank that your payment has cleared ... you will be notified again that your package has been shippped  You will also be given your Delivery Confirmation number so you can track your anticipated package!  In the beginning ... Joey & Dad accepted cash, checks and money orders, which is how we've decided to do business again ... BACK TO BASICS.  It's possible that we might venture into the credit card & PayPal era, but for now ... this works!!

Go to the Contact Me section of this website, fill out all your information, & most importantly ... make SURE you include your WRIST SIZE, measuring as directed.


JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS (JMPG) were invented and patented by Joe Meeko nearly 30 years ago, and any similar products you see in the marketplace are inferior copies.  With a reverse-grip design, the grip self-tightens as weight is applied and supports the wrist during the exercise.

At one time, JMPG used to be available in a 'one-size-fits-all'; however, we went back to the original design and improved its strength and longevity.  A Velcro® strap, often seen on poor imitations, will easily wear out and not 'hold' after repeated tear-offs.  JMPG offer a personal fit to optimize their performance.

JMPG never wear out or have problems with how they are fastened.  JMPG are coated with a high-tech rubber; copies are NOT coated with any rubber, so they slide all over the place!

JMPG also have a slight 'bendability' to the metal grip so that when you use them ... they actually 'flex' and 'squeeze' the bar.  The 'bendability' design feature also allows you to bend JMPG slightly to adapt to different size bars.  Imitations do not include this feature and just provide very thick, rigid metal, not allowing you to achieve the 'flex' and 'squeeze' effect.

Stick to THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST weightlifting aid out there, to ensure lifetime strength and power -- JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS!!

On the Contact Me form, list your information, along with your wrist size.  Send your cash, check or money order to:

                         JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS
                   JOE MEEKO POWER GRIPS, L.L.C.
             P. O. BOX 555, UMATILLA, FL 32784-0555